Top 12 Things To Do To Have A Warm And Meaningful Christmas

Christmas is an opportunity for us to treat ourselves to a meaningful and unique day in our own way.
12 things to do to have a meaningful christmas

Christmas is an occasion for each family to reunite and love, when we gather, share, rest, enjoy the joyful atmosphere with friends and relatives. Christmas is also an opportunity for us to treat ourselves to a meaningful and unique day in our own way. Let's join Jonxifon to refer to the following things to do to make your holiday really special and memorable.

1. Cooking: 

christmas cooking

The daily work keeps taking us so that you don't have time to cook for yourself, Christmas is the opportunity for you to do it. Whether you know how to cook or not, skillful or not, it's not as important as making food for yourself and your loved ones so that everyone can sit around and enjoy it with fun stories. Because in the process of making food, you have put in a lot of spices of joy, of love.

On this special holiday, you don't have to be fussy, just cook things like: french fries, turkey, etc or make some cakes for children with funny shapes like Santa Claus. Besides, you can also bake cakes or roast hot chestnuts for the whole family to enjoy while watching movies.

What are you waiting for, let's prepare yourself a menu with Christmas atmosphere!

2. Christmas tree decoration

Decorating the house and especially the Christmas tree has become an indispensable thing with certain spiritual meaning and is also one of the traditional activities in the Christmas holiday. The Christmas tree is also likened to the spirit of Christmas.

If you do not have the conditions to decorate a big pine tree, just a small pine tree will bring a warm atmosphere for the holiday. Or suppose we don't have a real pine tree, it's okay, fake pine is fine, as long as you know how to decorate and breathe life into it. Even more special and more interesting if there are children in your house. They will be really excited and passionate about doing this work with you. Choose luxurious and vibrant colors such as red, metallic, and yellow to decorate your Christmas tree.

In addition, you can also choose eye-catching and unique decorations to put on your Christmas tree depending on your creativity and imagination. For example, a family photo will increase love and bonding or personalized beautiful christmas ornaments, or many other small, pretty decorations

christmas ornament

3. Listen to Christmas music 

Music is an indispensable spiritual food in our daily lives and it becomes more and more meaningful every holiday. Enjoying good music on Christmas day will make our souls sublimated and relaxed.

What could be more wonderful if we gather together to decorate the Christmas tree, have dinner together, drink tea with Christmas background music. If you do not like gentle, melodious music, you can also organize a lively and joyful Christmas Karaoke party with your family and friends to stir up the atmosphere. Each song is like a wish of peace and happiness to everyone. 

4. Watch a good movie

One of the most chosen leisure activities on holidays is watching movies. Watching movies sometimes becomes a passion of many people. Every year, film producers bring us meaningful movies about the Christmas season. What you should do is choose a meaningful movie. You will definitely feel much more motivated.

Watching a good movie with the theme of Christmas with your beloved family will help family members get closer and understand each other better, especially watching a comedy, fresh, refreshing laughter will dispel Leaving all the worries and fatigue of the ordinary day, only wonderful and relaxing moments remain. 

5. Enjoy a glass of eggnog

In some countries where there is a tradition of drinking custard cocktails on Christmas, some people even want to drink this drink for 12 months, how about you? Try enjoying a custard cocktail with some other spices, vanilla or cinnamon. It will bring great spirit to a winter evening.

christmas eggnog

You can make it yourself at home or you can buy it at the store. Depending on the taste of you and your loved ones, you can make them with different flavors from traditional flavors such as adding a little chocolate, apple cider or serving with a mint flavored marshmallow and so on.

6. Keep up the good spirits

Your holiday will be boring and meaningless if you keep the mood down, depressed. No matter how busy you are, how much work and life pressure you have, let's put everything aside so that your spirit can be happy on the occasion of the holiday.

There are many ways for you to get that spirit like the suggestions above that we just mentioned, but it is important for you to determine it yourself. Only then can you wholeheartedly and fully let your mood focus on the holiday with the people you love. Who knows, after this holiday, with a new mood, new soul, new vitality, you will have a good and successful start.

Imagine you bring home a bored mood amid the warm joyful atmosphere of Christmas, can your loved ones continue with that joy? Remember, keep your spirit always happy not only for yourself but also for others, simple right?

7. Read a good story about the Christmas 

Besides many meaningful and unique things to do on Christmas, reading is also a great thing. The beautiful and meaningful stories about the Christmas season that are read during the holiday season will help your soul have more depth and richness.

It will not take much of your time, just sitting at the small table, sipping a cup of hot tea, opening a book to read a story, you will have a new perspective on the world around you. Each story is a message, a profound and meaningful lesson. You can also read it alone or read it to the whole family, especially the children so that everyone can share and empathize with the content of the story.

8. Light scented candles

christmas scrented candle

Lighting up your home with scented candles also lifts our spirits for the holiday season. It is both a traditional job on Christmas Day, as well as a spice in the dish to help the atmosphere of your house become cozy.

Do not limit yourself by only lighting candles when it is dark, even during the day, you can still light them. The fragrance of the candles emanating from the house will make every member of your family feel the real holiday atmosphere with the sparkling Christmas tree with twinkling lights.

Choose for yourself a candle with a scent that everyone feels comfortable and comfortable with, avoiding allergies that reduce the warmth and joy.

9. Give gifts to your loved ones

Giving gifts to loved ones during Christmas is becoming more and more popular. It's not just children who like to give gifts, but everyone does. Because the gift shows the sincere feelings of the giver and the receiver. There are many ways to get a gift for your loved one. Christmas cards are an example. You can make them yourself to add more meaning with good wishes inside.

There are also many other gifts for your parents, relatives and lovely children such as teddy bears, towels, hats, clothes, socks, etc. Please refer to the many present options that Jonxifon provides

10. Go to the church

You will feel the festive atmosphere mingled with hundreds and thousands of people celebrating Christmas at the church with warm and vibrant clothes with a beautifully decorated, rich and very beautiful scene. many exciting, joyful and diverse welcome activities.

This is an opportunity for each of us to enjoy the real ceremony atmosphere, open our eyes and observe our surroundings, and join the joy of many people. Remember to warm up our little ones with lovely Santa hats and don't forget to save pictures as a souvenir.

11. Avoid quarrels in the family

Referring to Christmas, images of sparkling lights, eye-catching decorated houses and shops appear with melodious music. Preparing things to do, things to buy becomes more important to help you or those you love always feel so happy and cozy in this cold winter. And one of the things to do is to avoid quarrels in the family on this day.

There is no reason for you to turn a warm day into a heavy day and lose the happy atmosphere in the family. So, make a plan early and discuss together to have fun holidays, absolutely avoid unnecessary conflicts and disagreements with relatives and friends.

12. Buy gifts to support charities

Children are very excited about Christmas, however, there are many less fortunate children who do not have enough food to eat. Therefore, on this sparkling and warm holiday, you can buy some gifts such as warm clothes, woolen hats, blankets, etc for the children.

Buy gifts to support charities

You can organize to cook porridge or rice and bring it to the hands of lonely elderly people or homeless people everywhere. This makes a lot of sense! Think about it, in the middle of a cold winter, there is nothing warmer than a person's heart for each other, holding a bowl of porridge or a bowl of warm rice and rubbing each other's hands to send love.

Another gift that doesn't cost money to buy is our old clothes that are no longer used or have too much, or are short. Those less fortunate than us really need it. Cleaning the house and giving away these clothes will help make your home neater and share the warmth with many others.


Christmas is coming very close, make yourself a plan to make your holiday meaningful and memorable, don't forget to refer to the list that Jonxifon has just given, it will definitely be very useful for you. Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas season!

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