Top 10 Small Dog Breeds That Are Easy To Train

Which small dog breeds are considered the cutest and easiest to raise?
Top 10 Small Dog Breeds That Are Easy To Train

Small dogs are also quite easy to raise they don't eat too much so you can invest that money in the quality of food, moreover, when you want to go somewhere you are very easy to take them with you. It is for these reasons that our little friends capture a lot of attention, so which small dog breeds are considered the cutest and easiest to raise? Please find out in the article below. 

1. Poodle

One of the special dog breeds with three distinct sizes: Toy size (Tea Cup), medium, large. This is really one of the most adorable small dog breeds that I would like to introduce to you. Both Tea Cup and Medium Poodle sizes are very small and cute. This is also one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Raising a Poodle in the house is really fun, give it a try!


Overview of the Poodle

– Height: Standard 38cm; Miniature 25 – 38cm; Toy poodle under 25cm
– Weight: Standard 20 – 31kg; Miniature 7-8kg; Toy poodle 2-4 kg
– Physical characteristics: single, thick, twisted coats, with many characteristic colors including white, black, gray, brown, yellow.

2. Chihuahua

A guy who has to say is quite naughty and snarling, his mouth "screams" non-stop when a stranger is loitering in front of the house (even when he has entered the house), there is such a siren indeed. It's too good to look after the house, isn't it? That's why the "noisy" Chihuahua still attracts owners.

Chihuahua is a dog that lives quite affectionately and clings to its owner, small in stature, easy to raise, is a breed that you should consider if you like mini-sized dogs. One more thing, Chihuahua also has two lines of long hair and short hair for you to have more options for yourself. 


Chihuahua's overview

– Height: 13cm – 20cm
– Weight: 3kg with regular variety and 1kg with teacup
– Physical characteristics: small, slender body, slightly protruding eyes, hair can be long or short depending on the type.

3. Pug with saggy face

"A small dog breed but not really small" that is very popular next on the list is the saggy-faced Pug. Surely this is a dog breed that is not too strange, right? The Pug is a breed of dog with long, modest legs, easy to eat, easy to raise, so it is very popular.

Another highlight that makes Pug win the hearts of many people is its very expressive face (mostly entertaining :D). This is also a fairly enticing breed, so you won't be alone when raising Pug.

Pug with saggy face

Pug dog overview

– Height: 25 – 33cm
– Weight: 6-8kg
– Physical features: Small, baggy body, round head, wrinkled and saggy face, short nose, twisted tail.

4. Pomeranian

If you are a follower of a small and beautiful dog, the Pomeranian is a breed that you should not ignore. In recent years, the Pomeranian has always been a highly sought-after dog breed because of its extremely alert face, thick and smooth fur with a slight ruffle around the neck like the king of its mini version. However, this guy's price is a bit high so he's ranked 4th.


Overview of the Pomeranian dog

– Height: 15 – 18cm
– Weight: 1.5 – 3kg
– Physical features: Overall, the face has a couple of fox-like features, top ears, erect, curved tail

5. Short-legged Corgi

Famous for its short legs and attractive big round buttocks, the Corgi is also one of the foreign dog breeds that have been loved by young people in recent years. Corgi is a cold breed of dog, so the adaptability to our country's climate is not too good, so make sure you have a cool, ventilated environment if you want to keep this breed.

Corgis have round eyes, extremely intelligent eyes that make them easy to win people's hearts. Nowadays, there are more and more Corgi breeders, so we can hope to own this beautiful little dog at an affordable price in the near future.

Moreover, it is possible that the Corgi crossed with many breeds of dogs looks more funny and cute.

Short-legged Corgi

Corgi Dog Overview

– Height: 25 - 30cm
– Weight: 14kg for male dogs and 13.5kg for female dogs
– Physical characteristics: Short legs, erect ears, big round eyes, overall quite agile and energetic

6. Dachshund

Dachshund, also known as sausage dog, these names are mostly derived from the rather special appearance of this breed. A short pair of legs makes them look quite small, and a long and pointed beak makes the body long horizontally but not so much vertically.
Sausage dogs are also quite modest in height like most of the other breeds on this list. With a price of only about 2 million - 3 million for a purebred baby, quite cautious with strangers, this owner is a small dog worth raising.


Sausage dog overview

– Height: 20 – 23cm for normal breed, 13 – 15cm for small breed

– Weight: 7-14kg for normal breed, 5kg for small breed
– Physical characteristics: Long body, short but strong legs, soft long or short coat

7. Pekingese

You will probably see many similarities between the Pekingese and the Pug, which is the characteristic orange-yellow coat, the face is black inward, the eyes are round and glittering. If you love Pug but like a dog with long hair, Pekingese is an interesting choice.

The Pekingese breed also has a fairly modest height, probably just knee-high, a friendly and calm personality that is very suitable for collective spaces such as apartments.


Pekingese dog overview

– Height: 15 – 23cm
– Weight: 3.2 – 6.4kg
– Body features: Flat face, long and soft fur makes the body elegant and luxurious

8. French Bulldog

Next on the list will be a guy who is small but not light. That is the French Bull. Bulldogs have always been a beloved breed and there is an entire community for this breed. Among Bull breeds, the French Bull is considered the smallest and cutest breed.
Some outstanding characteristics can be mentioned in this breed such as funny personality, funny, easy to train intelligence, obedient and especially sociable with many other types of pets.

French Bulldog

Overview of the French Bulldog

– Height: 27 – 33cm
– Weight: under 12.7kg
– Physical characteristics: Big square head, small stature and large ears are trademark features of this breed

9. Japanese Dog

Japanese dog is a small dog breed that has existed for a long time in our country, this is considered a very intelligent dog breed and has the ability to look after the house very well compared to imported breeds now. The Japanese dog usually has a long, smooth coat and consists of white as the main color and a secondary color (usually black, brown, yellow).

Japanese dogs have cheap prices, good health is a suitable choice for most subjects.

Japanese Dog

Japanese dog overview

– Height: 20 – 27cm
– Weight: 1.4 – 5kg
– Physical features: Long coat, elongated ear hair looks like butterfly wings, small and agile body

10. Little Papillon

Don't be fooled by the Papillon's extremely small and graceful body, the intelligence of this breed may be more than you can imagine and it is no coincidence that the Papillon is in the top dogs. smartest. This small dog breed has a friendly personality, is wary of strangers and is very active

Papillons may snuggle up in your lap, but soon they'll be looking for something fun to do. Like many other Toy Group breeds, the Papillon is also a bit stubborn. However, if you have a reasonable training regimen with rewards, this baby pepper will learn very quickly.

Little Papillon

Papillon dog overview

– Height: 20 – 28cm

– Weight: 3-5kg
– Physical characteristics: Small dog with straight, long, simple coat. The feathers on the ears and face are quite beautiful spreading out like butterfly wings, upright ears, alert attitude. 

Above are 10 small dog breeds that are easiest to raise and train. Hope you will have a great time with your baby dogs!

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