Top 10 Mistakes That Can Distroy The Fun Of Your Camping Trip

Some mistakes that you can make when you go camping
Top 10 Mistakes That Can Distroy The Fun Of Your Camping Trip

Camping is an outdoor activity, not a resort, so if you have decided to go camping, I recommend that you also spend a little time exercising to increase endurance, to avoid unnecessary injuries (sprains, cramps, hip shock,...) especially girls.

1. Don't research how to set up a tent before going camping


For those of you who are going camping for the first time, it is also important to practice setting up a tent before going camping. Because this saves time when you are confused about how to set up this new tent.
Don't let your outing become a frustrating day when you can't pitch a tent! This is not a small mistake when camping.

2. The tent does not have good water resistance

No matter where we go to plug in, we should still prepare a 2-layer tent with good water resistance. 1-layer tents are cheaper to rent than 2-layer tents, but in terms of water and rain resistance, they are not as good as 2-layer tents. So you should consider spending a little more money so that when it rains, we won't get wet.

3. Set up camp when it's dark

Setting up a tent when it is dark is not only inconvenient, but you will also be "lost" when you arrive too late to camp. To avoid rare cases, you should come to check-in as soon as possible, especially when it is still bright and beautiful.

4. Do not research carefully about the area where you will camp overnight


Before going camping, you should take the initiative to inform your loved ones about the schedule as well as the location where you will be camping, the expected time of arrival... for your family's peace of mind as well as in the event of an incident. unintentionally, you can quickly get help.

You must choose the terrain to set up the tent is the high, open area, wide view, comprehensive ... to ensure that you are still safe in case of bad weather.

Therefore, consider the terrain before setting up the tent. To have the best camping trip.

5. Camp in bad weather

If you want to go to unspoiled places, be prepared for the unexpected. Besides, you should have a flashlight, a power bank, and drinking water, even if you don't plan to go around after sunset.

It is important that you monitor the weather before you hit the road. As a result, you can bring the right and complete clothes for the camping trip.

When it rains, you need to bring a raincoat. When it's cold, you need to bring a warm coat and thick enough blanket to keep you warm when you snore.

6. Camping alone in the forest

Camping for survival alone is one of the most admirable passions, but for those who are professional or experienced in incidents. But it is recommended that you want to challenge yourself, it is a bad idea.

Because the geographical location of forests in Vietnam is diverse and complex, it is still very difficult for the rescue team to provide relief if you are experiencing an emergency.

7. Lack of personal items when camping

Regardless of whether it is a long or short camping trip, you must always prepare all the tools such as knives, scissors, plastic bags, picnic pots, kettles, tissues,etc. In addition, you must prepare some medical items such as: personal tape, mosquito repellent, red medicine, oil, .. just in case unexpected cases.

8. Wearing clothes that are not suitable for camping

One mistake that should be avoided on the first camping trip is choosing the wrong outfit. Cotton fabric can be dangerous to you when it absorbs moisture from rain and sweat, but it takes a long time to dry, which has a very bad effect on your health.

For camping, hiking, trekking, ... You should wear clothes made from fabrics specialized for sports activities that are elastic and close to the body, absorb moisture well and especially dry fast. That helps a lot for you in case when going camping, the weather is rainy and humid.

9. Do not bring emergency items

In any trip, there will be unexpected situations that happen. Therefore, in addition to bringing personal items, we should still prepare some medical tools (do not take up much space in your backpack) and some self-defense tools to increase the safety of your body. Be safe when you go camping.

10. Keep food and fire near the tent


There have been many cases of tourists leaving food in tents or cars that have been found by animals. Even animals like squirrels or mice...can ruin your food.

And you also have to estimate the distance of the fire with the distance to set up the tent so that it is reasonable and if the tent is set up too close, the sparks of coal while burning will splash in and damage your tent.

During the camping trip, it is common to light a campfire to cook and gather together. You need to be careful, even if it is only a small fire – which can cause burns to everyone, especially young children, not to mention a fire hazard.

You should bring or rent a picnic gas stove to cook when it is raining and wet.

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