All You Need To Know About Mailbox Cover 2022 - Perfect Gift For Your Family

Our personalized mailbox makes your mailbox stand out and different from your neighbors
All You Need To Know About Mailbox Cover 2022 - Perfect Gift For Your Family

Our personalized mailbox makes your mailbox stand out and different from your neighbors. This attractive spread can be applied in seconds without tools, and can even be used for magnetic mailboxes. With structure for each reason and season, you're sure to find the ideal option, improving the look of your mailbox!

I. How to easily install the mailbox cover: 

  • For Iron Mailbox: simply place it over your metal mailbox and the magnets will hold the cover in place.
  • For Plastic/Wood Mailbox: After receiving our product, just tear the film on the back and stick it directly on the mailbox. 

II. Choose the suitable size for the mailbox cover: 

Make sure to choose the correct mailbox cover size to fit your mailbox. There are two Mailwraps mailbox cover sizes to choose from Standard and Large. Mailboxes are a smart way to quickly turn your mailbox into a work of art, so let's find out what size is right for your mailbox.

We've prepared an easy guide to help you determine the cover size that will fit your mailbox.

Use these two measurements to determine which size will fit your mailbox:

  • Measure the distance from the front of your mailbox (where the door is located) to the back. 
  • Measure the width of the door. 

Once you have the correct parameters, you will be able to easily choose the ideal mailbox cover size from our 2 options including 20.7x18.03 inch & 25.4x20.78 inch 

III. 6 steps to clean your mailbox:

Step 1: Get mail out of the mailbox

The first thing you want to do is get the message out of the mailbox. This seems obvious, but sometimes, people forget before they even start spraying the mailbox. When they peered inside, it was too late to save the soap-soaked letter.

Step 2: Spray away dirt with a hose

Next, you'll want to remove large debris, such as cobwebs, dirt, and leaves. Take your hose and blow it to the inside and outside of the mailbox. 

Step 3: Clean it with soap and water

Now, it's time to be a little more gentle and precise. Get a bucket of warm soapy water and a rag to scrub the mailbox, both inside and out. You may need to use a little elbow grease to remove stubborn mold or mildew.

Step 4: Wash the mailbox clean

Take the faucet back and rinse thoroughly until you can no longer see the soapy scum.

Step 5: Dry the mailbox

Now, grab a towel and dry your mailbox until you're satisfied.

Step 6: Protect your mailbox

If you've done all of this to clean it up, you can also decorate it to maximize its appeal. You can choose a lovely and personalized mailbox cover to make it become more beautiful or cover the scratch or the oldness of the original mailbox.

IV. 4 Mailbox Cover Ideas To Dress Up Your Mailbox 

4.1. Family Name House Address Magnetic Mailbox Cover

mailbox cover

This special mailbox cover is for all occasions, you can use it to decorate your mailbox all year round. In particular, you can add your home address as well as a picture of your lovely dog or cat. 

4.2. Autumn Dog Cat Mailbox Cover: 

autumn mailbox cover

Our personalized custom Mailbox Cover is a special edition just for the fall and for dog lovers, and cat lovers. You can show off your furry friends and design your mailbox in the autumn style you want. 

4.3. Halloween Dog Magnetic Mailbox Cover

halloween mailbox cover

We designed this mailbox cover, especially for a fun Halloween season with your family. It's great when people pass by your house and see the atmosphere of the upcoming Halloween. This will definitely be an unforgettable highlight for everyone.

4.4. Personalized Dog Christmas Mailbox Cover

christmas mailbox cover

Extend the season greeting to the street by dressing up your mailbox in holiday wear. From evergreen wreaths and soft garlands to twinkling lights, a drive through December's makeup neighborhoods offers nostalgic holiday fun. Adorning your mailbox with verdant plants and festive ribbons will increase the appeal of the Christmas festivities and brighten the spirits of passersby. Impress your guests with arrangements that only seem difficult to disassemble, and outdoor decor is sure to bring more joy to your world this season.

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