7 Effective Ways To Make Cats And Dogs Get Along

You want to raise both but are afraid that these hairy friends will "hate each other like cats and dogs"? Here are 7 effective ways to keep dogs and cats in the same house.
7 Effective Ways To Make Cats And Dogs Get Along

Do you have a pet dog at home and you want to bring a new cat to adopt? Do you have a cranky cat at home and you just received a beautiful dog? You want to raise both but are afraid that these hairy friends will "hate each other like cats and dogs"? Jonxifon is here to help you. Here are 7 effective ways to keep dogs and cats in the same house.

According to WikiHow: “Although many dogs and cats don't get along at first, there are ways to help them adjust to living together. By taking the time and understanding the needs of both pets, you can create a happy, peaceful home with both cats and dogs.”

1. Raised dogs and cats together since childhood

Raised dogs and cats together since childhood

One of the best ways to get both your dog and cat to get along in the same house is to raise them in tandem. If you can adopt both dogs and cats when they are young, they will be less aggressive as adults and will easily get used to the presence of a housemate. Dogs tend to be gentler and less confident than cats, so it's possible your cat will take the lead of the two, but you'll both learn to get along fairly well. If there is no chance of adoption while both are still young, continue with the next steps. The most appropriate age for adoption and care is when the dog is about 2 months old and the cat is 2 months old.

2. Give your cat its own territory when raising dogs and cats together

The most important thing is that your cat should have its own territory in the house. When you have only 1 cat, the whole house will be their territory. However, while keeping with dogs, the two species will have to share space and resources. Dogs can accept that, but cats can't. They need a private place to rest if they feel unsafe and disturbed.

If your house is small, don't worry, cats can climb and all you need is probably a small nest, a box, a mattress, as long as it's separate and dogs can't. approach. As long as the cat feels in control and can see your dog comfortably, the cat will feel safe and less aggressive. Your cat will most likely fall asleep on her own without too much training.

3. Dogs and cats should be kept together only after they get to know each other

Dogs and cats should be kept together only after they get to know each other

Before letting your dog and cat come into direct contact, you should let both smell the roommate's scent first, especially the cat. Dogs will probably be more curious, but cats will be completely wary. Animals mainly use scent to get used to new things. By letting both get used to the scent of each other, it will be easier for them to adapt when facing each other.

4. Let the dog and cat get used to it slowly

Make a great first impression when you give two pet buddies their first encounter. This will greatly affect the process of getting to know each other and living together in the future. Have them meet at mealtimes, but not in person while eating. If you feed both in front of each other, there is a high risk of fighting for food or feeling threatened, and even a high risk of conflict. You should feed two at the same time, but separate in two places where they can't see each other, but close enough for them to smell each other.

Dogs and cats will be more attracted to food scents, but they also unconsciously pick up on each other's scents. This can give both sides the mentality that the other's smell is a sign of a good meal, giving them a good impression. Do this until you can feed them face to face, but keep the two separate until they can eat harmoniously. This is a great step forward for your relationship. During this time you can also train the dog to eat.

5. Be equal when raising dogs and cats together

Let the dogs eat them at the same time, reward dogs with treats and soup for cats if they are good, and everyone has toys. Keeping both equals is the best solution so that they don't feel the other is obnoxious. Keep the love between the two of you fair, and spend as much time playing with your dog as you do petting your cat. Dogs and cats are not as stupid as you think, they are affectionate and will obviously show that jealousy too.

6. Train your dog well before raising dogs and cats together

dog and cat get along

Cats, while they can be defensive and aggressive, will refrain from showing aggression and aggression first. However, dogs are not like that, they will attack if they feel unsettled, especially dogs of a growing age who have not been taught basic dog training exercises. Negative behaviors beyond barking, rough touching, and possibly even biting. You need to be the one to stay calm for both of you, because dogs will probably obey, but cats will act on stronger instincts. Do not scold or influence, they will equate seeing the other person with being hated by you, which is really not good. Distract the two of you, keep them calm before the next meeting until things turn positive. A dog or cat that is exposed to a social environment from an early age will be easier to get used to the appearance of others than one that is isolated and abandoned. You can spend a small amount according to the price list to hire a dog trainer if you do not have time.

7. Separate items for both dogs and cats

Even if your dog and cat get along well, you should still give both of you things that are separate. In addition to living space, they should also have their own food bowl, separate toys, and separate toilet area. You need to train your dog to go to the toilet in the right place first. Dogs have a tendency to sniff out the litter box, and that can be annoying to cats. The cat may even leave the litter box to find another place to avoid the dog's attention, and you don't want this to happen at all, it takes a lot of work to train the cat to go to the toilet in the right place. The most important thing is the food. Dogs and cats need to be fed enough, so they don't compete with each other. Competing for food can cause the most fearsome conflicts you want to stay away from.

8. Conclusion

Don't worry, you just need to be patient, take time for both of you, sooner or later both your dog and cat will get used to each other. Raising dogs and cats together is not as difficult as you think. However, if you have trouble, seek the experts. You can handle it or not, sometimes dogs and cats can be too different for you to keep together, then try to find another solution.

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